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Book Units (& adapted)**

  ** This symbolizes materials I created- Enjoy!

4/20/10- Scholastic site to search for books in many different ways-

3/9/10– Free songs, lyrics, and posters for teaching reading strategies.

3/2/10– Read books on line for free!

Adapted Books

Boardmaker Downloads -Interactive Storybooks

Children’s Storybooks Online – Stories for Kids of All Ages

3 printable books that are similar to the Buddy Bear books

Fortunately for You books– free e-books and others to order

Free Online Children’s Books

Free Reading vocabulary units, outlined lesson plans, Tier words Check out Bringing Words to Life: Robust Vocabulary Instruction It will explain a way of determining levels of vocabulary words.


Mother Goose Rebus Rhymes

Nancy Poulette’s Literacy Guides

Select From Over 100 stories, songs, rhymes, and chants

Story Props

An an online, multimedia collection of resources about K-12 books

Books for kids about emotions/feelings 

Specific Books below- Listed alphabetically:

Alexander books

Amelia Bedelia-

Bad Dog Marley

Bear Stays Up/Snores on

Bennies pennies – Money Printables

Berenstain Bear The Official Berenstain Bears Website

Cam Jansen and the Chocolate Fudge Mystery- cam jansen fudge       cam jansen fudge 2

(The) Carrot Seed** The Carrot Seed

Chicka chicka boom boom print out  chickachicka

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs-

Dear Zoo dear zoo b/w    dear zoo(C) 

**2/17/10Do Donkeys Dance  Do Donkeys Dance Directions    cover   pg 1 pig   pg 2 bee   pg 3 what else   pg 4 turtle  pg 5 kangaroo   pg 6 what else   pg 7 cat    pg 8 bat   pg 9 what else   pg10 hippo   pg11 flea   pg 11 b what else   pg12 chicken   pg13 fish   pg14 what else  pg15 ladybug   pg16 flamingo   pg17 what else   pg 18 fly  pg 19 yes   pg 20 what else  cut outs 1   cut outs 2   cut outs 3   cut outs 4 

**2/23/10Do Monkeys Tweet  Do Monkeys Tweet Directions   cover  pg 1 horse  pg 2 dog  pg 3 what else   pg 4 mice    pg 5 cat   pg 6 what else   pg 7 lamb   pg 8 bee    pg 9 what else   pg 10 camel   pg 11 chick   pg 12 what else   pg 13 butterfly   pg 14 tiger   pg 15 what else   pg 16 rabbit   pg 17 pig  pg 18 what else   pg 19 a owl   pg 20 owl   pg 21 what else  cut outs 1  cut outs 2  

**2/17/10- Do Pigs Have Stripes  Do Pigs Have Stripes Directions  cover-  pg 1 nose-  pg 2 dog-  pg 3 what else-  pg 4 a bird has- pg 5 mouse-  pg 6 croc-  pg 7 what else-  pg 8 a mouse has-  pg 9 porcupine-  pg 10 cow-  pg 11 what else-  pg 12 a porcupine has-   pg 13 feet-  pg 14 elephant-  pg 15 what else-  pg 16 a cat has-  pg 17 tongue-  pg 18 anteater-  pg 19 what else-  pg 20 a fish has-  pg 21 antlers-  pg 22 deer-  pg 23 what else-   pg 24 a monkey has-   pg 25 neck- pg 26 giraffe-  cut outs 1  cut outs 2  cut outs 3  cut outs 4  cut outs 5  cut outs 6

2/25/10– Dr. Seuss Books

Each Peach Pear Plum** Each Peach Pear Plum

Elmer Elmer lesson plan

Five Monkeys Jumping on the Bed monkeys bw

Frog Principal –

Go Away Green Monster monster(C)  monster bw

Golilocks & the three bears – Goldilocks lesson plan

2/24/10 Harold’s Purple Crayon** This is an adapted book -Print out the pages and cut outs- laminate all for longer use. Have students use the cut outs to help tell the story on each page.  cover page   crayon pg 1   crayon pg 2   crayon pg 3   crayon pg 4   crayon pg 5   crayon pg 6   crayon pg 7   crayon pg 8   cut outs 1   cut outs 2   cut outs pg 3   cut outs pg 4

2/24/10– A picture for Harold’s Room** This is an adapted bookPrint out the pages and cut outs- laminate all for longer use. Have students use the cut outs to help tell the story on each page. cover page   pg 1    pg 2   pg 3   pg 4   pg 5   pg 6   pg 7   pg 8   cut outs 1   cut outs 2   harold cut outs- use through out the book

Hi Fly Guyfly-guy

How Chipmunk Got its Stripes- literacy-unit-how-chipmunk-got-his-stripes

If You Give a Moose a Muffin Printables

1/25/10~ (The)Jungle Grapevine by Alex Beard

Legend of Slappy Hopperliteracy-unit-legand-of-slappy-hooper

Leo the Late Bloomer**- Leo the Late Bloomer

Little Old Lady Books-

Little Old Lady Who Wasn’t Afraid of Anything

Manana Iguana Manana Iguana lesson

Max’s Words Max’s Words Lesson

Mercer Mayer Books– 4/20/10

(The) Mitten the mitten booklet

Mixed up Chameleon printables- chameleon bl/white   chameleon – color

Mouse Paint pictures mousepaint(C)  mousepaint bw

Mouse Soup Lesson Mouse Soup

Mrs Wishy Washy

Napping House napping bw

Papa Papa Please Get the Moon for me- papa please pictures (C)

Piggie Pie- 

Pumpkin Soup-

Rosie’s WalkKindergarten walk 

Runaway Pumpkin

Seals on the Bus Activities

Shel Silverstein Teacher Resource File

Show and Tell**, by Sharon Gordon Show and Tell 1

Silly Sally pictures for book- silly(C)  silly bw

Snowmen at Night-

Tedd Arnold Books-

2/24/10– Ten Little Ladybugs ** This is an adapted book -Print out the pages and cut outs- laminate all for longer use. Have students use the cut outs to help tell the story on each page. This book is assembled with cover page first then 10 ladybug pg, nine ladybug pg and so on.  cover   10 ladybugs   9 ladybugs   8 ladybugs   7 ladybugs   6 ladybugs   5 ladybugs   4 ladybugs   3 ladybugs   2 ladybugs   1 ladybug   home-last pg   cut outs  Use these pictures to sequence the story- ladybug sequence cards 1   ladybug sequence cards 2

The Three Little Pigs Coloring, story, craft an puppet pages

Too Many Pumpkins-

Turk and Runt

Very Hungry Caterpillar Idea

Wheels on the Bus Pictures- wheels(C)

Whose Baby Am I whose baby b/w   whose baby(Color)

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