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Social Thinking (3 of 4)- SUPERFLEX

** This symbolizes materials I created- Enjoy! Don’t forget to look under the other three Social Thinking titles.

12/2010: **Brainstorming pages to use with Superflex- (More will be added in the upcoming weeks)

Check out this great Superflex video created by 4th grade students in Virgina:


  1. Expected/Unexpected-
  2. Expected/Unexpected – flat tire picture
  3. Expected/Unexpected -leaf on head
  4. Expected/Unexpected – tree in house
  5. Expected/Unexpected – You tube- dog, cat, rat
  6. Expected/Unexpected – You tube- Animal Odd Couple
  7. 2/26/10 Ok this is just silly but might be a fun way to talk about expected and unexpected actions for a chicken
  8. 4/15/10- This is cute & unexpected – see how you can work it into a lesson on expectec/unexpected-


  • **I created this visual (which is based on he Incredible 5-Point Scale Buron and Curtis)l to use when learning about Glassman and the size of a problem. size-scale
  • I use these pictures to talk about “what is the problem”  the size of problem” and how to react or determine solutions.Pictures for size of the problem
  • Video from SpeechTechie

Grump Grumpaniny

Mean Jean

Space Invader

  1. Space Invader
  2. Space Invader
  3. Space Invader

Topic Twister Meister

  1. Topic Twister Meister
  2. Topic Twister Meister-Brainstorm times when students needed to interrupt someone
  3. Topic Twister Meister-Interrupt Rule and other activities
  4. Topic Twister Meister- Learning not to interrupt when adults are talking
  5. Topic Twister Meister- My Mouth is a Volcano Activity – Great visuals to help to teach about interrupting
  6. Topic Twister Meister – Video lesson

UnWonderer   Video


  1. Wasfunnyonce
  2. Wasfunnyonce

Worry Wall

  1. Worry Wall
  2. Worry Wall
  3. Worry Wall
  4. Worry Wall
  5. Worry Wall- make a not to worry doll
  6. Worry Wall

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